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PDF file loader to extract and analyse shellcode

Posted in Reversing with tags , , on 7 January, 2010 by __fastcall

Ok happy new year!
This one is preaty cool I found it in HexBlog, you know the blog about IDA pro. So here it is…

One of the new features in IDA Pro 5.6 is the possibility to write file loaders using scripts such as IDC or Python.
To illustrate this new feature, we are going to explain how to write a file loader using IDC and then we will write a file loader (in Python) that can extract shell code from malicious PDF files.

Writing a loader script for BIOS images

Before writing file loaders we need to understand the file format in question. For demonstration purposes we chose to write a loader for BIOS image files statisfying these conditions:

  • Should be no more than 64kb in size
  • Contain the far jump instruction at 0xFFF0
  • Contain a date string at 0xFFF5

Each file loader should define at least the two functions: accept_file() and load_file(). The former decides whether the file format is supported and the latter loads the previously accepted file and populates the database. Continue reading