Converting shellcode to executable files using InlineEgg

I like small utils, gadget ones, this article can be found at Breaking Code blog does not have that important functionality but it’s really cute!.

EDITED at 10/2/2010 in order to prevent any misunderstandings. Thanks goes to a visitor’s comment which alerted me about how to write the reposts in order not to look like as my own.

There is URL where you can convert a shellcode directly to an executable. The guy in Breaking Code blog wrote this quick Python script using CORE’s InlineEgg package. According to the author it may be buggy

Enjoy! :)



2 Responses to “Converting shellcode to executable files using InlineEgg”

  1. Thanks for the link, I will download your file and run it when I get home to my computer.

    • This is a repost, I found it elsewhere it is not my idea or file ;-). This blog is used as storage for interesting articles I find and I like and gather them in one place. Therefore I’d like to copy those articles in their original form. That’s why in some posts there are some sentences in first person test. Thanks for visiting though

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